Sarcophagus to chair the newly launched ncctp
Source: Sarcophagus

Construction represents a tenth of UK GDP. This year 20% of all UK construction projects and up to 40% of those over £10m are predicted to use project collaboration tools. In response to this, the UK construction industry's leading technology providers have formed the ncctp (Network for Construction Collaboration Technology Providers). Tim Broyd, CIRIA's Chief Executive will be launching this new CIRIA managed network at Project Extranets IV on 3rd December 2003.
This new network will help to promote the effective use of online technology to support collaborative working on projects and capital developments in UK construction. It aims to increase interoperability between systems — engendering easy transfer of data through definition and adoption of standards. The network will promote the benefits of using collaborative technology and demonstrate the value of collaborative working. Importantly, it provides a single independent body with whom clients can communicate regarding the future development of collaboration technology.

The founder members of the ncctp are 4 Projects, BIW Technologies, BuildOnline, Cadweb, Causeway Technologies and Sarcophagus. Together these organisations are currently helping the industry to manage UK construction projects worth around £35 billion.

Graham Howarth of Sarcophagus, ncctp's Chairman said "The UK construction industry needs a standard way of working to enable best practice and drive more waste out of the construction process. I believe the ncctp will be the driving force to achieve this aim whilst representing the interests of both users and providers of construction collaboration software. I am delighted to represent our industry and look forward to a challenging year ahead."

Tim Broyd of CIRIA added, "From a standing start of just three or four years ago, methods of online project collaboration are starting to revolutionise the way in which construction projects are managed. I am delighted that the founding members of the ncctp have chosen CIRIA to manage this exciting new network."


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