The NCCTP (Network for Construction Collaboration Technology Providers) formed in December 2003.

The network will help to promote the effective use of online technology to support collaborative working on projects and capital developments in UK construction. It aims to increase interoperability between systems — engendering easy transfer of data through definition and adoption of standards. The Network will promote the benefits of using collaborative technology and demonstrate the value of collaborative working. Importantly, it provides a single independent body with which clients can communicate regarding the future development of collaboration technology.

What is online collaboration?

Project "extranets" allow the sharing of information. Users are also able to view most formats of CAD drawing, and other more complex computer files, without the need or the license to run the particular software application, which generated the file in the first place. Moreover users are able to mark-up ("redline", "blueline", "comment", etc), revisions, which effectively become an integral part of the original document.

As this is all done in a closed network, where no-one is allowed in without permission, and everyone is identified (through an individual user ID and pass) it is possible to automatically track who has seen what, and what, if any, comments, or changes they made. And of course because of the system of individual user IDs, it is possible to introduce a project hierarchy into the system, which allows documents or areas of the project to be restricted to only people at certain levels of seniority, etc.

Mission statement

The NCCTP seeks to promote the benefits and use of collaborative technology in the construction and related industries.


To develop and implement an agreed set of data exchange standards between all members to enable bulk transfer of data from any one system to another. To develop and implement an agreed set of data exchange standards between all members to enable routine transfer of information between systems for cross project working. To establish a group whose membership broadly represents the collaborative technology providers working within the construction industry and provides a vehicle to address generic market and technology issues. The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is highly dependent on information. Successful projects require timely exchange of the latest and most accurate information between project team members – the right information needs to go in the right form to the right person at the right time.

The solution:

Instead of linear communications and separate ‘islands’ of information, construction collaboration technologies offer a more efficient and less complex way to manage communications. At their heart is a single, shared environment accessible to all authorized team members.The same basic functions are common to all. Authorised users, no matter where they are located or when they use the system, can get immediate access to a single, central repository of project data that grows as information about the built asset (a building, a road, a bridge, a water treatment works, etc) is developed by the team. Feasibility studies, budgets, sketches, drawings, approvals, schedules, minutes, photographs, specifications, standards, procedures, virtual reality models, etc, can all be viewed; team members can add comments, issue notices, instructions and requests for information (RFIs), and publish drawings and documents, singly or in batches. Everyone works on the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information, backed by all the archive material.

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