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I read with interest the article on e-tendering and the apparent slow uptake (Why is the pen still mightier? QS News, 30 June). I agree whole heartedly that email or CD is not the way to go when considering e-tendering and this may be why so few people have tried it. However, as providers of eTenderer.com, an online procurement package, we are experiencing good take up of the system and have developed our system to comply with the RICS guidelines.

In response to the barriers to take up you mention cost, lack of knowledge and perceived security – we believe we have addressed all these issues.

From our experience, the costs saved outweigh the costs involved. An online system can provide tangible benefits such as reduced paper and postage costs as well as reduced administration time. I would agree with the statement regarding QS/PMs needing to embrace this aspect of project procurement to improve their bottom line. We have had positive client feedback outlining cost savings of 20% gained through reduced administration and quicker tender turnarounds.

Regarding lack of computer knowledge, this is an issue of educating users that systems such as eTenderer are easy to use. It is important to make the transition for clients and users from paper to electronic tendering as smooth as possible. That is why our system follows the traditional closed tendering process online.

The other concern was security. This is a case of reassuring the user the system is secure and can prove more secure than traditional methods. Our system is highly secure with banking level 128 bit encryption security. Each user also has their own unique login to each tender and detailed audit trails are available.

Overall, we are encouraged to see a growing awareness of e-tendering in construction and in particular that so many people are showing an interest. Once users experience the benefits first hand we are confident they will be reluctant to return to their old methods of tendering.

James Hook, marketing executive, Sarcophagus


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