Backing up messages
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Why run the risk of losing all of your saved messages when disaster strikes? Why don’t you take few minutes to make a back-up of your email for added security?
For many PC users, the Internet has become an invaluable tool in the home office. Indeed, the facility to link a PC up with an incalculably huge network of computers that spans the entire globe has travelled beyond the realms of hyperbole and into the remit of day-to-day necessity.

The plain fact is that Web-based communications, such as email and Instant Messaging, are fast becoming the most relied-upon methods of sharing information and staying in touch with others. But while email usage is increasing, it's a sad fact that Internet safety is becoming an ever more important consideration for PC users. Virus attacks can quickly render unsuspecting computers useless, and can mean that all of your important emails become corrupted and lost forever. But thankfully, with the help of a few trusty programs, backing up your message box is a straightforward affair.

In the following workshop, we'll introduce you to two programs that make light work of backing up messages for two of the most popular email clients around: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. MsgSave is an extremely easy-to-use program for Outlook while OE Back-up Genie works just as easily when using Outlook Express or Eudora.

Using MsgSave to save Microsoft Outlook emails

After installing the MsgSave program from the disc onto your PC, the MsgSave icon should appear on the menu bar. Select an email and simply click on the icon to start the saving process.
The next step you need to take is to create a folder where you would like to store all your back-up emails. Click ‘Change’ on the ‘Save To’ menu and either locate or create a folder on your hard drive.

You then have an option of saving the singular email or all of them or saving attachments only. Once complete all your emails can be re-opened by clicking on them in the designated folder.


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