• 26/06/2019

    the-project Latest Updates

    The latest updates to the-project include increased field lengths for the document ID and document title and increased BIM file upload size.

    the-project Workflow

    The workflow functionality has now been rolled-out and provides the ability to define permissions for each revision stage or directly to a file.  This represents a significant change to the non-workflow security model.  A channel can include both non-workflow and workflow classes.


    The-Project.Com gets new bulk operation functionality

    In December 2015 new bulk operations functionality was rolled out to enable users of the-project.com to work more effectively.  File sizes have been increased and work has commenced on new workflow features for Design and Build Contracts.

    Sarcophagus Expands - New Staff

    Through local links and a recommendation, towards the end of 2015 Sarcophagus welcomed new member of staff - Attila Gyokos.  Following a trial period Attila accepted the job offer and is settling in well with the team.  Attila is assisting with the development of new projects and helping Sarcophagus to move forward.  We are looking forward to the forthcoming year - wa…(more)

    Sarcophagus Member Spotlight - Cognitiv

    Graham Howarth of Sarcophagus explains his reasons for joining Cognitiv Creative, Digital and IT Industry Group, please see Cognitiv News.

    Sarcophagus become founder members of Cognitiv

    Cognitiv represent the Creative, Digital and IT sector (CeDiT) and were formed as an industry body to promote and represent the sector in Wakefield. Businesses in the Leeds City Region have since requested membership and the group is set to grow exponentially.  Student s can join free of charge.  See www.Cognitiv.co.uk 

    New small business license for the-project.com

    Sarcophagus have released a new small business license to enable teams to work on multiple projects form anywhere at any time.  The new license means that there are no setup costs for each project channel.  The license starts at £500 per month for 5 channels.  Project size restrictions apply.

    Contact us for details

    New bulk publishing module is released on the-project

    Sarcophagus have released a new version of the-project to enable users to speed up the uploading of multiple documents.  This paves the way for an improved bulk uploader application to enable teams to upload multiple documents via an offline application.

    Saving - Are You Doing Enough?

    The cost of products are not getting any cheaper, and high street stores and companies continue to close, which means we as a consumer are left with fewer choices. The need to save money is still foremost in people’s minds.

    Have you considered where your company can make savings? Are you spending money on storage that you would like to reduce but are governed by filing rules? Have you thought…


    Construction Sector Forecast Looks Good!

    Out of the negative comes a positive, and the construction sector is a fine example with a revival in building being announced today. Figures have shown that output earlier this year has been lower in comparison to previous years, but the future is looking brighter.

    Perhaps your business forecast is looking brighter with new projects coming on board, so why don’t you give Sarcophagus a call? …


    Are You Communicating with Others?

    Recent press has discussed the lack of communication, both on a individual and national scale. Conversations and warnings that have already taken place, but forgotten about, and therefore no prevantative measures have been set up. This has in some cases led to a disastrous situation, and as a nation we have become more wary.

    Have you considered if you are communicating enough with others that work …


    Need to Save More Costs?

    We are well on the way with the new year and ensuring proposed plans are being turned into action! On top of the list will be more cost saving procedures! Did you know that the-project.co.uk can help save money by transferring all your paper files into online, easily accessible documentation? We do all the hard work, saving you time, and you see the benefits, such as less wasted paper, more storag…(more)

    Is Accessing Systems a Problem over Christmas Holidays?

    Most companies will have closed for the Christmas Period – are you on a Christmas break? For some of us the work does not stop! Do you have problems accessing systems over public holiday periods? Need a system that is available all the time 24/7?Try the-project.co.uk our online collaboration system, or eTenderer our online electronic tendering and procurement management system, both are acce…


    Get Ahead of the New Year!

    As we are entering December, Christmas will soon be upon us, and before you know it, we will be welcoming the New Year. Time then to think about getting ahead of the game and getting all your plans into place ready for 2013!

    Do you have all the necessary software in place, do you need to cut any costs to help with the profit for 2013?

    Do you need a clear out of paper files – but still need the…


    The-Project.com Website Gets A Makeover!

    The-project.com has been updated and has a brand new look!  The team have worked hard on getting things just right, and they are still continuing to improve the new website. 

    The website features new Case Studies, new Client Testimonials, a new pricing page, more information on the collaboration software, and all new enquiry pages.

    We now have a blog, with regular news features and update…(more)

    An Eventful Year

    Earlier this year, Sarcophagus were pleased to be awarded a High Commendation for Small to Medium sized Business of the Year, following our nomination in the Wakefield Business Awards 2011. The company has expanded and recruited two new members of staff, who are able to support the existing team and improve our support levels to our Clients. This has meant we have been able to take bigger office …(more)

    THE-PROJECT 2010 – Project Collaboration – The Next Generation

    On Monday 18th October 2010 Sarcophagus successfully rolled out the 2010 version of the-project, a major upgrade of the award winning online project collaboration solution.

    The migration to the new UK version took less the half an hour and was done at 17:30 GMT when almost all users were logged off.  Feedback has been very positive and no one has reported any negative issues relating to the ne…


    University College Birmingham - New Campus Development

    UCB is currently planning for development of a 4 acre site, near to the present campus, which secures their longer term future.

    The proposed first phase for the development is a large building of world-class design, with provision primarily for postgraduate studies; with lecture theatres and seminar rooms, a large flexible auditorium, a 24-hour collaborative learning hub, conferencing facilities a…


    Graham meets with Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan to discuss business property rates

    Local property owners have renewed calls for the governments tax on empty commercial properties to be lifted weeks ahead of the political party conferences.

    Graham Howarth, partner in GJ&J Properties, based in Westgate, Wakefield told Sky News that the tax was damaging the local economy and halting new investment in regenerating the area.


    New Client

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Sarcophagus would like to welcome our latest new client HGP Architects to the-project.
    HGP Architects, founded in 1968, has a proven track record for innovative design coupled with a fast and considered response to their clients' needs, in the pursuit of value-added buildings.

    “By using the-project.co.uk we are able to collaborate effectively and efficiently with all members…(more)

    MsgSave - Outlook addin email backup utility

    Source: Sarcophagus

    This clever add-in for Microsoft Outlook lets you filter your emails in any Outlook folder and save them to your PC or Network. Messages are saved with a unique file name which can include the date, time, sender, recipient and message title.

    The messages can also be automatically deleted from Outlook when they are saved. This saves each user many hours per week and ensures email…(more)

    TEVA to use the-project.co.uk to extend its packaging facility in Eastbourne

    A major redevelopment of the TEVA UK Eastbourne pharmaceutical packaging site will use the-project.co.uk document control system to manage the build. The redevelopment includes several phases of work over a three year period including the construction and fit out of a new three storey packaging hall and laboratory building; construction of a new two storey building to provide restaurant and office…(more)

    Sarcophagus supply the-project.co.uk for the Kirkintilloch Link Road project

    The £18 million road linking Kirkintilloch to the M80 motorway in East Dunbartonshire will be built using the-project.co.uk extranet solution to exchange project information between all the parties involved with the development.

    The road will relieve congestion in Kirkintilloch by diverting traffic away from the town centre, while also opening the town up to opportunities as it becomes more …


    New News

    Project extranets could hold the secret to achieving the efficiency gains demanded by Sir John Egan. We report on this useful new tool for project managers.

    When project management was still in its infancy, a project manager had to rely on little more than a basic schedule of works and his own management and communication skills to ensure that a building scheme was completed on time and to budget.


    University of Bedfordshire selects the-project.co.uk for phase 1 of the new campus centre

    The-project.co.uk collaboration service is being used by the University of Bedfordshire on phase 1b of the multi-million pound redevelopment of the university buildings which will include the building of a new Campus Centre, right in the heart of the Luton campus. This central building will act as a base for a whole range of student services, which will be easily accessible to all of our students.…(more)

    Elite Control Solutions choose the-project.co.uk for Tesco’s surge project

    Sarcophagus is supplying the “Central Project Information Hub” for Tesco’s Project Surge. The aim of the project, valued at around £7 million, is to reduce energy consumption by 10% across all store types. The system will be used to provide a flow of accurate information will allow the team to match actual energy usage against the energy profile for the site. Elite will then carry out adjustments,…(more)

    Project Explorer

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Sarcophagus Limited, authors of the-project.co.uk the project extranet solution for the construction industry have launched a new project document archive service called Project Explorer that will revolutionise how information is managed and retrieved for the life of a building.Project Explorer 2 was unveiled for the first time to a discrete target audience on 16th April 2002 a…(more)

    University of Edinburgh takes on the-project.co.uk for the SCRM

    Sarcophagus Ltd where selected to supply their extranet service the-project.co.uk for the construction of the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM). The £54 million project will provide a world class centre for research into medical therapies for diseases of the blood, bone, brain and liver. This includes research into motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and liver cirrhosis. This …(more)

    Research highlights benefits of using collaboration systems

    Source: NCCTP

    In late 2005, the NCCTP commissioned an independent survey of users of its members’ collaboration systems – or ‘project extranets’. The research was undertaken by Benchmark Research, a market research agency with extensive experience in both IT and construction-related markets in the UK.

    During April and May 2006, Benchmark conducted 272 telephone interviews wi…(more)

    Why online is the way to go

    Source: Sarcophagus

    I read with interest the article on e-tendering and the apparent slow uptake (Why is the pen still mightier? QS News, 30 June). I agree whole heartedly that email or CD is not the way to go when considering e-tendering and this may be why so few people have tried it. However, as providers of eTenderer.com, an online procurement package, we are experiencing good take up of the s…(more)

    eTenderer.com achieves RICS compliance

    Source: Sarcophagus

    eTenderer the successful online procurement solution from Sarcophagus Ltd. has been updated to be the first product of its type to comply with the RICS e-tendering guidelines. Version 2.0 will be launched on the 10th May to a discreet audience of selected clients and will be publicly launched at the ITCF (IT Construction Forum) event on the 24th May.

    eTenderer allows each stage …(more)

    Back up your Outlook email messages

    Source: Computer Active (issue 182)

    Despite the obvious importance of doing so, backing up emails is actually a rather tricky thing to do. Most programs keep emails hidden away in obscure folders and, even if you are able to locate these folders, it is notoriously difficult to retrieve individual messages.

    MsgSave has the ability to save individual messages or groups of messages to the hard disk, a…(more)

    Backing up messages

    Source: WindowsXP Made Easy

    Why run the risk of losing all of your saved messages when disaster strikes? Why don’t you take few minutes to make a back-up of your email for added security?
    For many PC users, the Internet has become an invaluable tool in the home office. Indeed, the facility to link a PC up with an incalculably huge network of computers that spans the entire globe has travelled beyon…(more)

    Sarcophagus to chair the newly launched ncctp

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Construction represents a tenth of UK GDP. This year 20% of all UK construction projects and up to 40% of those over £10m are predicted to use project collaboration tools. In response to this, the UK construction industry's leading technology providers have formed the ncctp (Network for Construction Collaboration Technology Providers). Tim Broyd, CIRIA's Chief Executive will be …(more)

    the-project.co.uk continues to develop

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Sarcophagus continues to develop its collaboration solution, the-project.co.uk with the release of version 3.6. Sarcophagus continues with it policy of releasing new enhancements to all existing customers at no additional cost.
    With this release, clients can link a "standards" channel to each "live" project. Clients can have many "standards" channels to facilitate linking differ…(more)

    MsgSave v.3 review

    Source: The Architects Journal

    Sarcophagus has launched MsgSave V3.1.1, the email archival tool for Microsoft Outlook. Email overburden can now be managed by saving email to defined folders on your network, PC or removable disk.
    The resulting files can contain attachments and have customisable filenames based on date, sender, recipient and subject etc.

    Back Office, Front Office...ONE OFFICE

    Source: Sarcophagus

    We are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Job Management Systems Ltd.
    Both companies have agreed to integrate their respective technologies to offer clients a single office solution, we call this concept the ONE OFFICE. We believe this solution is the only solution.

    Most businesses have in the past invested in many different types of software to automa…(more)

    the-project.co.uk version 3.5 released to all users

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Sarcophagus continues to develop its construction collaboration solution, the-project.com. The latest version of the system was release to all their users on 16th April 2003 as Sarcophagus continues with its policy of releasing new enhancements to all existing customers at no additional cost.
    With this release, Sarcophagus has streamlined its document uploading and publishing fa…(more)

    Tender Revolution

    Sarcophagus announced the launch of eTenderer, a revolutionary online procurement system technology yesterday (March 17).
    eTenderer integrates online collaborative technologies with procurement automation, to enable purchasing teams to compile detailed tender documents and simultaneously invite tender submissions online by a specified opening date.

    For the first time in the construction industry, su…(more)

    Sarcophagus launches eTenderer - a revolutionary online procurement system

    Source: Sarcophagus

    For the first time in the construction industry, suppliers' tenders are published as sealed bids into an online safe deposit box. They can only be opened by specified purchasing representatives on the pre-determined tender opening date.
    The user friendly system ensures even suppliers with no knowledge of on-line tendering systems can respond easily.

    eTenderer will be launched to …(more)

    Msgsave version 3 launched

    Source: Sarcophagus

    With the launch of MsgSave version 3.0 this Outlook add-in now lets you specify:
    the delimiter to use for file names
    the date format to use in file names
    to save messages without the attachments
    to automatically save attachments to disk
    MsgSave would benefit anybody who wants to save Microsoft Outlook messages. The message can be stored safely anywhere on your PC or network and…(more)

    Out of the ashes.com

    Source: Construction News Magazine

    After the bloodletting of the dot.com crash, the gloves are off in the fight to establish the players who will shape the future of project collaboration. Just who are the contestants? Emma Crates investigates.
    Does your sector have a theme tune? If Tony Blair swept to power with Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream, perhaps e-construction should adopt Gloria Gayno…(more)

    Sarcophagus Limited appoints Operations Director

    Source: Sarcophagus

    Sarcophagus Limited, a Wakefield based company are providers of the leading extranet service the-project.co.uk strengthen its senior management team with the appointment of Jeremy Sainter as Operations Director.
    the-project.co.uk is a web based project collaboration and information management system used by a wide range of clients from small developers to blue chips. The concept…(more)

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