More Info About MsgSave
MsgSave Basic Features
This email archiving software enables bulk saving of .msg files and proivdes the ability to save outlook message files, including attachments, to any PC drive or Network location at the click of a button. MsgSave saves Outlook folders using a customisable file naming convention by automatically extracting details such as: sent date/time, subject etc. 

MsgSave Standard
Perfect for home users or individuals, MsgSave Standard is a must for anyone who works with email on a daily basis and knows the importance of having information at their fingertips. Overall, you can quickly manage and move email, save .msg files and reliably perform an email backup. You also have the ability to save individual files or create .pst files.

MsgSave Pro
MsgSave Pro is perfect for small - medium sized enterprizes as it has the ability to save your emails to multiple mailboxes; real time, automatic backup of incoming and sent email to selected backup locations and multiple mailbox support for many .pst files. Pro also includes Lock settings for administrators to centrally manage user configurations.

MsgSave Remote
MsgSave Remote is perfect for corporate companies who know the importance of saving their data securely, quick retrieval and worldwide access. MsgSave Remote has all the features of MsgSave Pro plus the option to save to an FTP location(s) enabling inbox and sent items to be copied to a remote location in real time.

  • Prevent email deletion prior to backup
  • Reduce the size of your mailbox
  • Improves email collaboration
  • Save emails & attachments automatically
  • Doesn`t rely on the MS Exchange mail store
  • Standardised email saving protocols
  • Email transparency, portability & security

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